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Compact Access Database

Corruption of Microsoft Access Database is quite iffy but one thing is for sure, that if occurred, it leads to a catastrophic situation. But now you can repair your corrupt database files in a jiffy with Access repair tool.

As commonly understood, a database holds huge amount of data and important information largely used to organize facts and figures in an accessible way. Pertaining to various cases of corruption, third party compact Access 2007 database tools can help to recover almost every bit of damaged data. Though it largely depends over choosing the most expedient tool, so be realistic.

Access database file (MDB) faces corruption or damage due to any of the reasons like:

  • Unexpected system shut down
  • virus corruption media corruption
  • power failure
  • software malfunction
  • Corruption in Jet Database Engine.

At such situations, Microsoft built in utility like, REPAIR & COMPACT does not provide much help. You would need to create a whole new database, which means huge piles of unorganized data and lots of chaos. Especially if yours is a big database then better choose a recovery tool than tackling all the hassle.

MDB and ACCDB files are used to store data in Access databases. On cases of corruption, any of the below mentioned error may be displayed.

  • "Unrecognized Database Format"
  • "The database ... needs to be repaired or isn't a database file"
  • "The Microsoft jet database engine could not find the object make sure the object exists"

This Repair tool will compact access database and all the data trapped within the damaged files can be traced out. Then they are either rebuilt or stored in a new database and thus all your data remains intact as it was.

Now the best part, the compact Access database tool comes with two proficient recovery modes, i.e. Standard Mode and Template mode.

Standard Mode: Advised for normal data corruption, it allows user to browse the corrupted files and rebuild them.
Template Mode: Required for major corruptions where database structure is lost. Provide a backup copy of the database. It treats it as a template and reads the layout of the database. Then synchronizes both the database and creates a new database file.

Use this software to compact access 2007 database and every other version from MS Access 2013, 2010, 2007, 2003, XP to Access 2000. It has a user friendly GUI and requires no technical skills. Also, Download the free trial version of software and get acquainted with its potential. Preview the recoverable tables and records. If beneficial, the full version of this Compact Access Database software can be bought and used immediately.

Download Tool

In case of any issue during using this Access database repair tool, you can get instant help and resolution. For this you should use live chat support tool and start live chatting.

Software Features
  • Performs fast and accurate repairing of the corrupt MDB or ACCDB database files
  • Restores most important data structures such auto number, primary key, field size and many more
  • Access database and retrieves damage tables, table data, Indexes, Field Properties.
  • Recovers accurate table structure details, including all indexes, Relationship and all types of fields.
  • Capable of recovering password protected Access databases
  • Uses Live Preview technology to display the database file content and structure
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